Old Engine Protection

Normal Old engine protection included honor names , egg exp stone , auto notices , instance , dmg protection , CD protection , packet protection and more.


Real Third Job

Real third job included Shiny , LA otp , SD wis , PWW , Mystery Skills , Passive Skills and blessing of son of the sky.


Shop & Fish Reward

Shop Reward by time , and Fish Reward increase able to add more than 100x item to the fishing system. Video Here


LeveL Up Notice & Reward

Level Reward with helpful config and level up notice. Video Here


Bof and DSS system

Bof And DSS system without create new item , can be used on any grade / any index / any stuff or weapon.


Battlefield & Gvg

100 vs 100 & Guild vs Guild.


Pets System

9x Pets with states and heal. Video Here


Pick & Attack Pets System

Pets with states and heal also can pick or attack. Video Here


Blob System

Blob System for old engine with replaced effect. Video Here


New Horn Color

New Horn Color based on the item index.


Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing PVP. Video Here


Unlimited Pets System

Unlimited Pets with states and heal. Video Here


Emok Cert System

Emok Cert System with 10% exp increase.


Summon Scrolls

Summon Scrolls with advanced config and safe zone check. Video Here


Daily Missions

New quest system can be done only 1 time per day.


Jail System

New punishment system move player to jail and he cant move back till his time end. Video Here


Max LeveL 255

Increase your server max level to be 255 with new exp table.


Nirvana Awaken Skills

4x Skill for each character , 2x General skill and 2x Job skill. Video Here


INT Mining System

Mining system like INT with config able to add more than 100x item.


Assassin limit level & reward

Assassin limit level , and assassin reward with level limit and count limit. Video Here


Revive Bless

Get Bless After using RB or revive skill.


New Comers Buff

Increase Defence + attack for level 50 below.


AUto Pick

Auto Pick New Engine / Old Engine. Video Here


New Engine Old UI

Fully Working New Engine Old UI.


Person vs Person

5x Rounds Per day with round reward and Winner Reward and /join1vs1 command.


New Engine New UI

Fully Working New Engine New UI.


Mute System

New punishment system Mute player so he cant use chat till his time end. Video Here


Person vs Person [PRO]

5x Rounds Per day With Smart Config and reward system, Reward Items for the ( round winner/ Tournament Winner ) , Reward&Honor Points for the (Round Winner / Tournament Winner / Round Loser ) , Kill and Death Count for every player in the Tournament.


Perfect Party System

if party got 6x character with different jops exp will be increased by 20%. Video Here


Recolored Stuffs

4x Characters stuff recolor high quilaty you can choose your colors , add 3 € if u wanna recolor the weap too.